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  • New ophthalmology diagnostic centre opens in Taunton

    People in Somerset with eye care needs are now able to get all their diagnostic tests in one place – at a new centre on the outskirts of Taunton run by Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

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  • Somerset eye clinic patients benefit from two new £120k state-of-the-art retinal cameras

    Patients attending eye clinics at Yeovil and Musgrove Park hospitals are benefiting from two new state-of-the-art retinal cameras which image at least four times as much of the retina (back of the eye) in contrast to the previous camera.

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  • Taunton macular service improves patient care

    Consultant ophthalmologist at Musgrove Hospital, Shantanu Gudsoorkar, explained that prior to the improvements, due to the greater elderly population in Somerset, the service struggled with its increasing demand, which resulted in a long waiting list, and delayed diagnosis and follow-up.

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  • New technology improves eye services in Taunton

    Shantanu Gudsoorkar, consultant ophthalmologist at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton & Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, said: 'We are thrilled to already be reaping the benefits from the introduction of our new imaging system and new patient pathways using virtual clinics. These improvements are ensuring that more patients are being seen in a timely manner and also reducing the need for out of area referrals.'

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  • State-of-the-art technology offers improved care for patients in Taunton

    In response to pressures on hospital eye service capacity, the ophthalmology team at Musgrove Park Hospital, part of Taunton & Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, has successfully implemented service improvements, which allow more patients to be seen and treated within recommended timelines. The redesign of the Macular Service was supported through a joint working project involving Bayer and Taunton & Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

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